Syarikat Sum Yau was founded in the year 1989. With more than ten years of indefatigable efforts, the company had progressed to a private limited operation. In 2005, the company is known as Sum Yau Instruments Sdn. Bhd.


Our main products include laboratory glassware, laboratory porcelain, thermometer, hydrometer, brushes, filter paper, plasticwares, magnetic stirrer bar, laboratory Instruments, microscope, electronic balance, water bath, lab coat, steel and stainless steel trolley, drying rack, and custom make epoxy or stainless steel rack.


Our Standard of customer service and quality of products has helped us to build a strong base as a long term supplier to the dealer. We have dealers allocated throughout the whole of Malaysia.


Sum Yau Instruments Sdn. Bhd. has run for more than 20 years and we continue to provide a high standard of service with customers. We strive to improve and make progress with our clients because the service we provide will indirectly contributes to medical and research purposes.