Digital Control Thermostatic Water Bath HH-6


Digital Control Thermostatic Water Bath HH-6

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Brief Instruction:

Digital control thermostat circulating water bath can used to drying, condense, distillation, soakage chemical reagents, soakage medicine and biochemical products. It also can be used to water bath heat and the other temperature experiment.


Technical Specification:

Model HH-6
Holes 6 holes 2 way
Liters 22.5 liters
Heat Power 1000W
Fuse Tube 10A
Temperature control range RT-100°C
Temperature undulation ??1°C
Average Ramp Up Rate From normal temperature to 100°C ??? 70mins
Stirrer Watt 6W
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz/AC110V 60Hz
Environmental Conditions 5°C–40°C; Relative humidity ??? 80%

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