LYC® Digital Rocking Mixer, LYC201BYA


Digital Rocking Mixer, LYC 201BYA

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Brief Instruction:

LYC®DRM-201 Digital Rocking Shaker move in See-Saw rocking motion. It usually used for homogenous mixing  in flasks, culture flasks, petri dishes and tubes. Silicone rubber friction grip pad hold flask in place while device operating. Turning knob control will be more convenient for user on speed controlling and time setting. Data will be clearly displayed on the LCD screen.


Technical Specification:

Model LYCDRM-201
Voltage AC 100 – 240V (50/60 Hz)
Power Consumption 40W
Operation method See-Saw
Tilt Angle
Max. loading weight (with test sample) 10 kg
Speed Range 10 – 80 rpm
Time Setting Range 1 – 19h 59min
Operation Mode Timing/Continuous

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