LYC® Electric Thermostatic Water Bath


Electric Thermostatic Water Bath

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Brief Instruction:

LYC water bath is a laboratory equipment used to incubate samples in water at a constant temperature. Our water bath come with stainless steel interior chamber and epoxy-coated cold rolled steel board exterior which make them resistant to corrosion and chemical damage.


Technical Specification:

Model HH-6 DZKW-4  DZKW-6
Specification Single Row Six Hole Double Row Four Hole  Double Row Six Hole
Voltage  AC220V 50Hz
Temperature Setting Range (RT) + 10-100
Tolerance ± 1
Power (KW) 1.5  1 1.5
Working Room Dimension (L x W x D) mm 910 x 160 x 120 mm  320  x 325 x 90 mm 480 x 325 x 90 mm
Overall Dimension (L x W x H) mm  1070 x 250 x 190 mm  505 x 375 x 190 mm  660 x 375 x 190 mm
Weight (KG)  12 8  10

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