LYC®Laboratory Digital Benchtop Centrifuge, LL4050


Laboratory Digital Benchtop Centrifuge, LL4050

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Brief Instruction:

LYC® LL4050 low speed benchtop centrifuge are device normally used in clinical and research laboratory. The machine is suitable for qualitative analysis in clinical and biochemical laboratories and for preparation of serum, plasma, urea and vaccine as well. The included 12 place rotor is capable of running 6 x 15ml or 6 x 50 ml centrifuge tube. LL4050 come with 9 memories program and safety door interlock.


Technical Specification:

Model LL4050
Working Voltage 220V
Frequency 50Hz
Max Speed (RPM/RCF) 4000rpm/ 2000 x g (RCF)
Step 10rpm
Time Range 10 second ~ 99 mins / Continuous
Capacity 6 x 15 ml /6 x 50 ml
Max RCF 1795 x g
Weight 9kg
Size (W x L x H) mm 285 x 390 x 220mm

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