LYC® Analytical Balance, FA Series


LYC Analytical Balance, FA-series

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Series: FA Series Analytical Balance

Brief Instruction:

Analytical Balance is a class of balance designed to measure small mass in the sub-milligram range. FA2004 Analytical Balance is a 0.1mg digital precision analytical balance. It’s come with a LCD display, high quality glass windshield. FA2004 provided 3 selectable measure unit g, oz, ct. FA2004 have four adjustable leg and there is a levels display at the back of the balance.

N.B: 1-year warranty

Technical Specification:

Model FA2004 FA2004N FA2204N
Max Capacity 200g 220g
Readability 0.1mg
Repeatability 0.1mg
Settling Time ≤ 3 seconds
Display LCD
Pan Size Ø 80 mm
Dimensions 190 x 240 x 265 mm
Gross Weight 6.5kg 7 kg 7 kg
Calibration External Internal

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