LYC® Heating and Stirring Mantle, HJ Series


LYC Heating and Stirring Mantle, HJ Series

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Brief Instruction:

LYC® HJ Heating Mantle are a safe device to apply heat for distillation and other heating applications. E-glass fiber thermal insulation concentrates the heat on the glassware and keeps the cold rolled steel case cool. LYC HJ heating mantle come with indicating lights for heating and stirring opration.


Technical Specification:

Specifications (ml) 250 500  1000  2000
Power  180 250 300 500
Working Dimension (mm) Φ 95 x 60 Φ 115 x 70   Φ 150 x 85    Φ 185 x 105
Voltage (V) AC220V 50Hz
Max. Temp (°C) 380°C
Max. Stirring Speed 1200rpm

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