LYC® Magnetic Stirrer with Hotplate, ZXC-2


Magnetic Stirrer with Hotplate, analogue, ZXC-2

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Brief Instruction:

LYC® ZXC-2 Magnetic Stirrer with Hotplate had solid ceramic coated top plate with excellent chemical resistant. It’s easy to use with ergonomical design control knob. ZXC-2 Magnetic Stirrer with Hotplate come with built-in support rod mount for retort rod, bosshead and clamp.


Technical Specification:

Model ZXC-2
Voltage AC 220V 50Hz
Control Method Analogue
Speed Range Upload 100-1500 rpm/min
Max. Stirring Volume 5000 ml
Max. Plate Temperature 380°C
Plate Size 180 x 180 mm

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