LYC® Tube Mixer/Rocker


Tube Mixer/Rocker, LYC

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Brief Instruction:

Tube Rocker is one of the most utilized devices for the laboratory. Ours company rocker come with black silicon rubber friction grip pad for holding tubes in place and it can rock up to 12 tubes(depends on tube sizes). LYC tube rocker operated in silent and stable state.


Technical Specification:

Model LYC201BY
Rocking Speed 15 rpm
Rocking angle ± 25° with level
Working Plate Size 252 x 170 mm
External Dimention 346 x 196 x 95 mm
Voltage  AC220V ± 10% (50/60Hz)
Power Rating 6w
Net Weight 2.5 kg
Switch Single ON/OFF switch

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